Early Days

Selva, who is a Chartered Management Accountant, took the role of CEO of Regent Group in 2009. However, before his career in education launched, Selva had an enviable career in the City between 1994-2008 working in the investment banking and fund management sector for a number of well-known organisations including Pricoa, Rockspring, Fortress with a Joint Venture relationship with Goldman Sachs and Prudential Financial Inc amongst others. Some of his major achievements include involvement in major capital raises of over $1.5 billion of capital, tax restructuring and the co-ordination of IPOs.

In 2000, he co-founded Regent Group with his wife and partner, Tharshiny Pankaj, and his father Senior Selvanayagam. For nine years, Selva juggled his day job in the City whilst endeavouring to build up Regent Group during spare evenings and weekends.


In early 2009 Selva stepped down from his role as Executive Vice-President at Fortress Investment Group to become Regent Group CEO. Initially including just one tuition centre, a small independent school and a nursery, the Group has enjoyed impressive growth and now turnover stands at £12m + compared to £1m ten years ago. The number of campuses within the Group has increased from one to five, including a central London based campus, meaning the company has circa £20m + worth of property assets with the combined enterprise valuation sitting at circa £40m +. The number of staff on roll has risen in parallel and now stands at 350.


Not one to rest on his laurels, Selva constantly seeks to refine his knowledge further, searching out other learning experiences. These have included time spent at Harvard Business School studying Disruptive Innovation with the renowned Prof Christensen, a week at The London Business School studying Essentials of Leadership, a week at Stanford on the Leading Change and Organisational Renewal programme and Selva has immersed himself in the teachings of Bob Proctor of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Key Achievements

Selva launched his first book in summer 2019: Thinking into Character. Shortly after, Selva was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Bolton in summer 2019. Selva was awarded the title Businessman of the Year at the London Asian Business Awards 2019.

Rest & Relaxation

In his spare time, Selva likes to go out to events with Tharshiny and his two daughters. Fine wine, politics and Bollywood music are some of Selva’s other passions and he can happily pass many hours reading tomes from key figures in industry, such as Sir Richard Branson.

Personal Interests

Philanthropy is important to Selva. He supports a number of initiatives each year which of late have included The Prince’s Trust, Combat Stress, the Tamil School Sports Association and the Duke of York Community Initiative.

Selva also likes to use the skills has he has gathered to give back to the community. Additionally, given his awareness of the stresses placed upon young people in today’s society, he has developed a special programme – Thinking into Character – designed to build resilience.

Selva and Tharshiny, having experienced civil unrest in Sri Lanka, from which they originate, are also working to promote unity and harmony through the annual Global Unity Dinner. They are also supporting the launch of the LA based charity Unstoppable into the UK.

Selva’s motto

Be the best example you can possibly be and people will follow you.